February’s 28 Mindful Tasks

 photo from www.wheniscalendars.com

photo from www.wheniscalendars.com

During February, that sweet, short month bursting with 28 days of groundhogs and valentines and discourse of great presidents, I have decided to take on a challenge. My mind needs soothing. My heart needs comfort. My aching body needs support. I have gathered a list of 50 mindful self-care activities. During the next month I will choose one each day, complete it, and then write a short blog post pondering the benefits such tasks have on my mental and physical health. I will also be addressing my triggers. What flames my anxiety and pain, and what can I do to lessen or even avoid them? 

Let the journey begin. If you want to follow me, I will be posting daily on my blog www.drunkonloveinthe.kitchen and on my Medium account at https://medium.com/@christieshumatemcelwee. If you want to join me on this mindful odyssey, comment on your own experiences. Who knows what we will discover together?

List of 50 Mindful Self-Care Activities:

(List ideas came from two articles on mindbodygreen.com: “30 Days of Self Care: Your Guide” by Danielle Orner and “28 Easy Self-Care Practices Anyone Can Do” by Rachel Gibbs)

    1    Take a long evening walk.

    2    Listen to my favorite album/set list with the lights low and a candle burning.

    3    Dance — by myself, in the kitchen, in a class, out on the town.

    4    Write in my journal.

    5    Make a meal, set the table, and enjoy without distraction.

    6    Go to my favorite coffee shop and order a special drink in a mug.

    7    Snuggle a pet.

    8    Visit a museum or an art gallery.

    9    Draw or paint.

  10    Do a favorite activity from childhood (color in a coloring book, swing on a swing-set, play with Barbies).

  11    Sing.

  12    Spend time on a hobby.

  13    Practice yoga.

  14    Bake, just for the sake of it.

  15    Meet up with someone who makes me feel supported.

  16    Watch a funny film or a beloved classic.

  17    Take a picnic or have breakfast in bed.

  18    Reread a beloved book.

  19    Knit, do a crossword puzzle, or play an instrument.

  20   Try something fun or relaxing I have always wanted to do but haven't gotten around to yet.

  21    Sit in nature.

  22    Enjoy a hot tub or sauna.

  23    Get a massage.

  24    Watch the sunset or sunrise.

  25     Meditate.

  26     Use aromatherapy.

  27     Mindfully, eat some dark chocolate or fresh berries.

  28     Write a letter or send a card.

  29     Pay it forward or contribute to a favorite charity.

  30     Try a new recipe, something challenging or foreign.

  31     Play with a child.

  32     Go to the park.

  33     Go on a walk.

  34     Try something new where I am not in control or the expert.

  35     Visit a family member and get coffee.

  36     Organize my books and sell or give away the ones I don’t want anymore.

  37     Turn off my computer, tablet, and cell phone for two hours or longer.

  38     Watch a favorite movie.

  39     Spend time at the library or a bookstore.

  40     Get a manicure/pedicure.

  41     Get lost in a magazine or a book.

  42     Try a guided meditation.

  43     Visit a new restaurant. 

  44     Read for pleasure.

  45     Eat alone at a restaurant.

  46     Walk around a favorite store without buying anything.

  47     Pick up the phone and call an old friend.

  48     Be a tourist in my own town.

  49     Start a gratitude journal.

  50     Take a day trip to a new location.

“Our grand business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.” - Thomas Carlyle

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.” - William Shakespeare

“Allow yourself to enjoy each happy moment in your life.” - Steve Maraboli