A Life Without Pie is a Life Not Living

"We must have a pie.  Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie."  ~David Mament  Boston Marriage

I am the self-declared queen of pies.  Everyone has a special gift or talent, and mine is pie. When we have people over for dinner I often bake pie; my pie is a popular request when we are invited to dinner parties.  My sons would much rather have pie for their birthdays than cake. Apple is my specialty, but I also bake a mean mixed berry, chocolate, and peach.   I've worked on the crust for years, experimenting with different recipes.  Last year, thanks to Martha Stewart, I finally found one that works, is easy to put together in the food processor, and is flaky and  delicious.

Why pie?  It isn't the easiest thing to whip up.  In fact, it takes about two to three hours from start to finish.  It requires planning, patience, and concentration.  Maybe that is why I'm drawn to pie.  It's my  meditation. I enjoy the process, from peeling the fruit to carefully rolling out the dough.  It calms me. I admire the way a well constucted pie looks right before it goes into the oven.  The smell as it bakes is divine and almost drug-like.  A pie cooling on the kitchen counter is a Christmas present just screaming to be opened.  It's a gift of love.

Lately I've dreamed of opening my own pie business.  I don't know, though.  Would I still love it if I had to crank them out every day?  Would I come to resent pie and all it represents?  Probably not, but it's just a dream.  Maybe when I retire I'll figure this out, but for now I'll continue to bake my simple pies for those special people in my life.  So keep your fork, there's pie!