Facebook Post from August 14, 2012
Final musings of the summer......We took my son Jack down to college this Monday. He convinced me last spring to let him live in a house instead of the dorms, so that's where we headed. The new digs are typical college lodging: ramshackle house full of young men, beer posters, ratty couches, bar in the living room, and game console in the corner. Jack thought he was in heaven. As I looked aro...
und, I realized my boy was really going to be on his own now. No dorm rules to follow and no cafeteria food to choke down between classes. He and his housemates will have to make important decisions or "Lord of the Flies" will be the law of the land. So, that being said.....my musings this week are directed to the young men out there who will be soon being leaving home and tasting the first bites of adulthood. Here goes.
1. There will be LOTS of temptation out there....girls, booze, drugs. Keep your head. Stupid decisions often lead to disastrous outcomes.
2. Speaking of girls, respect them. Try to remember that they are not objects of your pleasure. They are daughters, sisters, and friends. Also, listen to the lyrics of the songs you play. If they contain words that victimizes or glorifies the mistreatment of women, really think about the power of these words. I don't care if you like the tune. It's just not right.
3. Be a gentleman. I know this may sound old fashioned, but I promise you, a true gentleman will never go out of style. Honor your family, be truthful to yourself, respect others...especially if their opinions differ from yours, listen to adults, be a great friend, and work hard. Be a man. Look to the examples in your life and follow their lead. My sons have had many strong men in their lives. Who are yours?
4. Be a man. Own up to your accomplishments and your mistakes. You will learn from both.
5. One more thing....be kind and good to your mothers. How you treat your mother really defines you as a man. So.....return her texts, emails, and phone calls!
That's all for now, boys. Love you all!