Facebook post from August 9, 2012
More musings......This summer I read two great books by Ken Follet - Pillars of the Earth and World without End. Both were set in the Middle Ages and were fascinating stories about the builders of the cathedrals and bridges of this time. Both books had strong women main characters who challenged the norm. Back during this period women could really only aspire to be three things....mother, nun, ...
or prostitute. If you rose above or questioned the status quo, you were challenged and then often accused of being a witch....and we know what happened to "witches" back then. If you look at history, it took until the last century for women to come out of the Dark Ages. We can vote, get a college education, have careers, be single moms without a big scarlet A on our chests, stay at home with our children, win gold medals (go Misty & Kerri) and basically run the world. So that being said, I have a few words of wisdom for all of my young women friends out there:
1. Do what you want to do....not your parents, your teachers, or your boyfriends. Follow your dreams.
2. Speaking of boys, they are great, but don't let them control you. If one tries, step away quickly. They aren't worth it. Also, you can't change them. If you forget or don't believe that, you are doomed.
3. It's better to have a few great friends than a bunch who don't respect you or tear you down. Real life is NOT Jersey Shore or Mean Girls.
4. Life isn't always about being happy. Sometimes it is just hard, sad, and full of cracks. What gets you through these times is your ability to learn about yourself. How you navigate the rapids defines you.
5. Always keep learning. Don't play dumb. I just heard a story a couple of weeks ago about a woman in her 80s who still goes to work at her law firm five days a week! Life doesn't stop when you get old.
6. One more thing.....look to the older women in your life....your mothers, grandmothers, bosses, teachers, friends. They are all around you. Women who have struggled, fallen, gotten back up, and kept the faith. Listen to their stories. They should be your inspiration.

I didn't always follow this advice. I did stupid things, dated awful boys, and tuned out sage truths. With age often comes clarity or maybe my 50s are MY time. Have a great day, girls. I love you all! I next musings will be directed toward all of the boys out there! Watch out.....