The Open Road

One of the things I have been working on this summer is getting out of my comfort zone.  Now that I am 50ish, I have a sudden need to experience more things, taste new foods, try on different shoes, and go where no man or woman has gone.  Well, I'm not going to to the moon or anything so silly, and we can't afford our British Isles trip for another three years, but lately I've been looking at life through wider and clearer glasses.  I'm living for the joy.  It sounds very deep and zen-like, but it's really not that difficult.  I will give you a few examples.

The other evening we went to the State Fair.  It was a lovely, mild summer night, and as the band played all of my favorite tunes, I gazed out at the lights of the carnival at the far end of the grounds. I took a deep breath and just lived in the moment. I belted out all of the words to most of the songs and didn't care if anyone thought I was weird or too old for such nonsense. When the concert was over, we headed out with the rest of the crowd, but I heard fireworks.  They were going off almost directly over our heads. Joy.

Just today I took my Schwinn out for a ride.  Most of the time I strap it to the back of my car and drive down to the bike path not far from my home.  Today I decided to just ride.  During the first part of my trip I stuck to the sidewalks and then caught up with the path, but as I headed home I veered off and took the backroads home.  I've been a little frightened of this before, but I just took a deep breath, made sure my helmet was tight, and took to the open road. All of the drivers slowed down to go around me as I pedaled my way past rows of corn and sunflowers. Joy.

Simple. Just breathe. Joy.