Pies #4 & 5 Easy as Pie!

Pies #4 & 5: Blueberry and Mixed Berry

This Friday was all about pies. I set a few saved frozen crusts out to thaw and then mixed together two more to put in the frig. A quick trip to the local grocery store in search of fresh berries was a success! I brought home five boxes of blueberries, one of raspberries, and another of blackberries. The goal was to make two pies for two good friends: a blueberry and a mixed berry. Berry pies are not difficult to put together, especially if you already have crusts made. All you have to do is rinse the berries, mix them together with sugar, salt, corn starch, and lemon or orange juice. You then pour into a rolled out crust and place another on top! There is no peeling, pitting, boiling, or roasting. It's as easy as pie! Ha!

Easy as pie....what a funny, strange saying. Pie for most people is not an easy endeavor. It requires patience and practice. Pies burn. Recipes fail. Crusts are a pain. Many of my friends who are fabulous cooks won't attempt a pie. It's just something I have loved to make since I was a young girl. The recipes have evolved. There have been many epic failures, mostly in the crust department, but one time I made an apple pie with old apples from the back of the refrigerator. We all took one bite, looked at each other with a mixture of revulsion and disgust, and then dumped the remains in the garbage. Blech.....I can still taste that metallic tinge.

No flops occurred on Friday, though. I brought the mixed berry to our friends' home on the lake, and after a delightful dinner at The Beach House, we all had a piece back at their house. The blueberry was earmarked for another friend, but it took a series of Facebook messages to pin down when I would deliver it. I ended up bringing it over on Saturday afternoon, and five of us sat down to pie, ice cream, and lovely conversation around their dining room table. I have discovered that pie does bring people together. It is the epitome of friendship: warm, soothing, and chock-full of tasty delights.

"Pie makes everybody happy." ~ Laure Halse Anderson, The Impossible Knife of Memory