Pie #7 Meringulicious

Pie #7: Lemon meringue pie
My husband likes to make up words. He claims that is how language evolves. People play with words and phrases, and then occasionally these jumbles of letters catch on and eventually are part of our vernacular. He has a point, but you should hear some of the words he creates. It's crazy. He's crazy. Anyway...after he ate his first piece of my lemon meringue pie, he said to me, "Make sure you write that this pie was "meringulicious." Yes, a red line just appeared under that word. It's not a word....yet.

I had never tried to make lemon meringue pie, but the recipe in the book was easy to follow and the results were delicious! The custard part was similar to the coconut cream with lemons instead of coconut. Even the meringue wasn't that difficult, especially since I have my handy Kitchenaid stand mixer. Every time I use that baby I love it and kiss it and call it sweet names. First I whipped up the egg whites and sugar. Then I placed it over a pan of simmering water and whisked it until the candy thermometer said 140 degrees. After that I put the bowl back in the stand mixer and whisked on high speed until it was perfect! Easy peasy! The only thing I didn't figure out was that I ended up wasting eggs. I used eight eggs for this recipe: four egg yolks in the pie and four whites in the meringue. I could have saved the whites and only used four eggs, but I didn't even think of that until I was finished. Next time I will try to be more frugal.

I told my husband that this pie was for him; I wasn't giving it away (though I did end up cutting off a big chunk and bringing it over to his parents' house the next day). Sometimes the pie lady needs to bake some lemony sweetness for her sweetie. He is meringulicious! See, I used it twice already in this blog. It's catching on.