Pies #14, 15, & 16: Girlfriends, giggles, & toes in the sand

Pie #14: Cherry Pie
Pie #15: Chocolate Pie
Pie #16: Strawberries and Cream Pie

Baking three pies at once can be dangerous. Ingredients get forgotten. Recipes are at the brink of ruination. Disaster is imminent. The cherry pie was beautiful and fair-worthy. No problems there, but I did get distracted with the other two. I realized AFTER I put the pie in the refrigerator that I forgot to BAKE the graham cracker crust for the chocolate pie. Stupid! I quickly scooped out the chocolate pudding, placed it in a bowl, and then made and baked another crust. My third pie was a simple cream with fresh strawberries, but I don't think I let the crust cool long enough. By that time, I was frustrated and impatient. The thin filling dripped all over the pan. I also decided to make it in a tart pan instead of a pie tin, and I think that was part of the problem. 

These pies were for my girlfriends who came over that evening to to put together the last minute plans for our 2nd annual Michigan beach weekend. The cherry pie was a special gift to my one friend who couldn't come up with us because her husband just had surgery. It was partly for her and mostly for him to enjoy. I cut up the other two after the rest of us haggled our way through sleeping arrangements, departure times, and grocery lists. Even though the the pies caused me major stress, they raved over them, especially the strawberries and cream. My husband agreed after I snuck upstairs to give him his pieces. I felt the cream could have gelled more, though, but this may have been because of the tart pan. I may have to tweak that recipe when I try it again. 

The beach weekend was definitely a giggle fest. We told thousands of stories, laughed at each other's goofy jokes, and sat our butts down in the warm sand.  This particular group of women was first my sister's friends, but when I moved back to town after my divorce they embraced me, even though I was the senior member of the club. We have seen each other through fabulous triumphs and deep griefs. These women friends have kept me sane and at times saved my life.

If you are lucky enough to have strong, phenomenal girlfriends in your life, thank them today. They fill up the cracks in our daily routine. These women keep us grounded and often help us fly. They are our muses, our inspiration, our best-selling novels, our award-winning songs. I am blessed with not only this incredible group of women, but also with some of the greatest friends young and old who support and love me with genuine affection. My heart is full. Anytime they want pie, I will supply it.

"Female friendships that work are relationships in which women help each other to belong to themselves." ~ Louise Bernikow