Pies #9 & 10 "We're all a little weird."

Pies #9 & 10: Key Lime and Triple Citrus

My latest pies have been a delightful mix of bright flavors. As I juiced and zested, my counters and cookbooks became a gooey, sticky, fabulous mess. The Triple Citrus pie came from my Pies and Tarts book, and the Key Lime was a recipe I have had since 2008. These are perfect pies to make together.

The Key Lime was a request from one of my Facebook friends who donated to my Longest Day challenge, but I kept the Triple Citrus for us! After a spicy shrimp pasta dinner, this was a treat. 

After the picture was taken of the finished pies, I took a day or two to contemplate what to write about in this blog entry. Let me see. What comes to mind? I'm thinking fruit, limes, tequila shots, salt, lemons, lemonade, summer, oranges, breakfast, bacon, toast, coffee, morning, sun, pies good, life sometimes good, friends, love, laughter, joy, can't breathe, need more coffee. What you just experienced is a small dose of my train of thought. This is pretty much what my brain does all the time. I'm like those dogs in the movie Up..."squirrel!" This often makes staying on topic difficult. But back to the matter at hand...the subject of this blog. Hmmmm.......to be honest, the first thing that popped into my head when Julie requested a Key Lime pie was my wedding/honeymoon in Key West, Florida. So here goes.....

When Rock and I decided to get married, we began to discuss possible options. Every time I would even think about having a wedding with family and invitations and cake and bridesmaid dresses and guest lists, I would hyperventilate. Both of us had gone through this before. My first wedding was beautiful. I was beautiful. The venue was beautiful. It just didn't take. I knew that Rock and I needed something different and unique and well.....us. I began an internet search that eventually lead to Key West. I ordered everything online, including the minister, the hotel, the vows, and my dress! On Christmas Day in 2005 we walked onto the tarmac of the tiny airport that serves the Keys. We both took a deep breath of the salty Florida air and knew we had made the right decision. This magical paradise would provide us with our beginning. The ceremony took place two days later on Smathers Beach at dusk. As our officiant Admiral Busby got out of his huge SUV in his white uniform he quietly asked me, "You know I'm not a real admiral, don't you?" I just smiled. Rock and I stood there together and became a married couple under the evening shade of a couple of palm trees. No DJ or flower arrangements or open bar or buffet menus....just us. It really was perfect. 

Weddings can be huge extravaganzas or small intimate moments. It often depend on what you feel you need or can afford. Our blended family has two weddings in the future: Rock's daughter's this November, and my son's next November out in San Francisco. Both will be beautiful and perfect in their own special ways, because the only thing to remember about weddings is that they are really about beginning a life together, whether it is a big blow-out or a little gathering. In the end, no one will care about the Pinterest table decorations you spent weeks making. They will remember the love.

"We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness - and call it love - true love. ~Robert Fulghum, True Love 
(Oh, and the Key Lime pie was fabulous down there!)