August 2: "I'm Alright"

My little burg in which I live holds an annual downtown fair known as The Celebration. It has been going on for almost thirty years now, and is known for its food, music, and numerous tattoos. Some years we head on down, but we have missed the past few because of the horrendous hot weather and truthfully, lack of interest in any of the musical groups. This year, though, I knew I wanted to tackle the crowds because JoDee Messina was playing the Main Stage. I explained to my husband over dinner that JoDee holds a special place in the story of my heart. I played her CD to death the summer fourteen years ago when I finally broke up with my icky boyfriend. I had held onto this person for far too long. He thought he knew everything and was just basically a jerk. JoDee had a few songs on her I'm Alright CD that spoke to me, including "Lesson In Leaving'" and "Bye Bye." She gave me the courage to kick this guy to the curb. He was a "fool-hearted" man who didn't care about me as a person. Why I stuck around so long is still a mystery. Sometimes we just do stupid things with our hearts and it takes awhile for our heads to catch on.

So we trekked downtown and stood for hours on the hard asphalt and waited for JoDee to take the stage. She rocked the place, singing the tunes we all wanted to hear and a few new ones that I will soon purchase on iTunes. The power of the music in our lives has no boundaries. These artists make us cry and love and often give us the courage to move on. That same summer I met my husband at a backyard party, and basically fell in love at first sight. During the concert last night he stood by my side the entire set while I sang and danced along. He is that "man who stands beside me, not in front of or behind me." Thanks, JoDee. Your songs led me to this man.