August 4: CeCe is a Dancing Fool

The granddaughter came over to play today. We ate grilled cheese, had a tea party, walked around the block, read books, and had a dance party in the living room. We introduced her to some classic rock, including AC/DC, The Kinks, Chicago, and The B52's. Dancing like a crazy woman with an energetic three year old requires one to drop every bit of vanity ever possessed.  This grandparent thing is seriously one of the most fabulous things I have ever done with my life....and I've seen some pretty great things over the past fifty something years. She calls me CeCe, which tugs at my heart every time she says it. I know there will be more grandchildren, but this one will always be the first, the head honcho, the queen of the castle. And I am just her lowly handmaiden....who shakes her groove thing to "Back in Black." Next time we will break out Waylon, George Jones, and maybe even a little Hag. She must be schooled in all things fine and great.