August 5: A Key Lime Pie Wedding

Pie #18: Key Lime Pie
My 18th pie was a Key Lime tart with meringue topping. This pie was baked exclusively for my husband and me for two different reasons. First, I had a bottle of Key Lime juice in my frig that I wanted to use before it went bad.  The second reason is that Key Lime pie is OUR pie. Just like some couples have a song, well, my husband and I have this pie. Key West was the magnificent location for our wedding and honeymoon almost nine years ago. We tasted a few different variations of Key Lime pie down there and every bite was fabulous!

Our week down there was filled with stories of love and smiles. I will never forget walking out of the restaurant where we ate the night of our beach wedding ceremony.  We had a lovely meal topped off with a couple bottles of fine wine. We stepped out onto Duvall Street as a large family was chatting out on the sidewalk. A woman looked at me and said, "Oh honey. You are so beautiful! What a beautiful bride! Where is your mother?" I told her that we came down on our own to get married. She replied, "Well, then, I'll be your mother!" She gave me a huge all-embracing hug and through her kindness I channeled the love from all of my family and friends and, of course, my mother. It was one my the best gifts I have ever received.
I have often told people that I only bake pies for people I really care for in my heart. I wish I knew this woman's name and address. I would definitely bake and personally deliver her favorite pie.