August 6: Megan's Chocolate Pie

Pie #19: Chocolate Pie

When I heard Megan's favorite pie was chocolate, I scoured my kitchen for ingredients and I found all of them....well, almost. I only had 1/3 of a cup of powdered cocoa, but I did have half a bar of bittersweet chocolate. I chopped it up and then melted it in the microwave. I was also out of milk, but I had some almond milk in the frig. I did a little research on substituting almond milk for cow's milk, and the article stated if you are making pudding, which is essentially the filling for a chocolate pie, you need to add three tablespoons of corn starch as extra thickener because almond milk is low in saturated fat. Sometimes you have to experiment with what you have on hand and see if it works. When I bake chocolate pie, I always make homemade whipped cream, but, alas, there wasn't any to be found. I DID find a can of spray whipped cream that a friend brought over a few weeks ago, so I sent that along with the pie. All of this without a trip to the store. Success!

Megan is the daughter of a dear friend of mine. Kerry is a fierce mother lioness who has been there for her daughter over the years through countless doctor and hospital visits. She meticulously takes notes, asks questions, and navigates the circus that is modern health care with grace and finesse. She is Megan's cheerleader, nurse, friend, and biggest fan. Kerry is my one of my favorite mom heroes. I am also lucky to call her my friend. Here's hoping Megan lets her have a piece!