Back to School Tears

One of my dear friends posted yesterday that she hated the first day back to school. She treasured the lazy summer days spent with her children, and she would miss them terribly when they resumed their daily routines. Many parents have conflicted feelings when it comes to this time of the year. There are mothers who pop the happy dance when that yellow bus appears around the corner. Others sob as their children gather those coveted school supplies for the year. 

I am a teacher so I have straddled both worlds. I loved having my boys home with me in the summer. Mornings were slow and easy; I allowed them to stay in their pj's for hours as they built Lego forts or conducted strategic plans for the Beenie Baby wars in our basement. We spent warm days at the pool with our friends. Nights were reserved for baseball or early evening walks along the bike path. Then as August loomed, I knew all of us would shortly head back to school. The lazy days of summer would soon be replaced with the familiars of fall: homework, after school sports, back packs, and lunch boxes. Along with my children, I simultaneously traveled back to my own school where I quickly found myself loaded down with essays and grammar lessons. 

I will regularly acknowledge how lucky I was to have those summers with my boys. I was incredibly blessed to be able to be both a working and an at-home mom. Now that my boys are now men, I admit that my heart aches a little every time I spy a first day of school picture on Facebook. Those moments were special and fleeting. So to my friend who finds she has tears on this latest "back to school" day....I feel your pain. Kiss your loves. Have a good cry while you pour yourself a glass of wine. These days are wondrous and fine.