Play that Funky Music

There is a viral video on the internet of a baby girl fussing in the back seat of the family car. Obviously this had occurred before so mom or dad had the camera ready for action. A few moments into the tears one of them turns on Katy Perry's "Dark Horse." The little girl recognizes the song immediately. Her eyes widens as her mouth makes the cutest little "O." She begins to move to the beat and even hums along with the tune. This one pop song calms her fretting. The power of music is phenomenal.

When my son Christopher was a baby he would often pull himself up on the coffee table or sofa. I had a CD of James Taylor's that I would play over and over again because Chris loved to dance to it, especially the song "Copperline." Just like the baby in the car, once he recognized the tune he would begin to move back and forth to the beat. A sense of calm would envelope him, almost as though he was hypnotized by the music. 

We did film Chris dancing, but I haven't seen it for years because I didn't get the camera or any of the videos in the divorce settlement. I don't even know what format we used. Perhaps the ex has converted our home movies to digital; I may have to inquire some day.

If this had happened today, you know I would have snapped a quick video, posted it to Facebook and Instagram and probably received tons of likes. Friends would have shared it and then....Pow!  We would have gone viral....perhaps. I think my sons are immensely grateful they survived their childhoods before the advent of social media.

Music is vitally important in the lives of children. It probably doesn't matter what you play, just as long as it's what you love. I never allowed traditional children's music to enter our home or car. That drivel made me nauseous. Instead the boys and I listened to James Taylor, John Denver, Dixie Chicks, Jimmy Buffet, and even a little Meat Loaf. As they grew older, they loved the 90's pop tunes of Hanson and Britney Spears, but that fact will most likely be denied it if you ask them today. Music was an integral part of our household. We blasted it from the stereo in the sun room and danced and sang like crazy people. Such fun!

Now when our granddaughter comes to visit we put on Elvis, Hall & Oates, or even some ELO and boogie down in the living room. A new generation must be introduced to what is glorious and grand.