The Wonder of Life

"The wonder of life is often most easily recognizable through habits and routines." ~Anne Lamott

I stumbled across this lovely gem from Ann Lamott this week, and it actually made me sigh out loud. Our habits and routines are just that....habits and routines, but if they are embraced for what they are we can wallow in the joy of them.

Last week I took my granddaughter Lottie out for lunch and after we wandered into the toy store down the street. As she entered the door, she exclaimed with the joy of a three year old, "Wow!" What a magical place full of fun! She went from aisle to aisle touching and ahhhing. Of course she wanted to bring everything home with her, but instead I just let her play with the trains and the plastic lawn mower. I want her to look back on these lunches and day trips with fond memories of her CeCe. These moments will be our routines.

My husband and I love our Saturday nights. We stay in, we cook, we listen to fabulous music, we drink wine, and we talk, and sometimes we even dance. These nights are sacred to us. When they are interrupted or postponed, we often feel off. We know things get in the way, and we do enjoy occasional nights out with friends or celebrating special occasions. But we started this practice years ago, and now it is just part of our routine. It has become our space and our time.

Habits and routines can and should be our meditation. Some pray in the morning. Others make coffee and read the paper. A few exercise. If we are mindful during these routines, we can find peace and even joy. Now that I am on the brink of retirement and teetering into a new life of writing, I must create new morning routines. I will no longer have to jump out of bed at 5:30. Life will be slower. The routines will still be there, though...just different. I'll still probably rise early, make coffee, and read the paper. The rest will evolve with the days ahead. I am so grateful for the wonder of life.