This New Life: A Sweet Lemony Treat

On this gloomy and chilly Sunday on the last day of May I decided to bake my first retirement pie. I looked through my recipes and decided on a Meyer Lemon Chess Pie because I thought I had all of the ingredients in my kitchen. Alas, I discovered I was missing a few key items, so as the blind baked crust cooled I ran to the store for heavy cream and eggs. And...since I live in the midwest and not on a balmy coast, regular lemons would have to do. 

A chess pie is custard pie with lots (five!) eggs and cream. This recipe adds lemon for a tart taste. I followed it as closely as I could, so instead of using a food processor for the crust, I hand mixed with a pastry cutter. This particular crust recipe has many steps; three of which call for it to go in the frig, the freezer, and then back into the frig before it blind bakes. It is quite the process.
Now as it cools, I begin to ponder this new life of mine without lesson plans and textbooks and department meetings and wide-eyed students. This new life will require a different mindset for me. I will still have routines, just different ones. I haven't figured those out quite yet, but they will evolve. I'm not worried. I may be entering this new life blind, but I have these fabulous glasses that let me see all of the potential out there.

You see, this new life will be just like this pie. I already have many of the ingredients at home, but I'll probably have to run out to get items I may have missed. This new life will have many steps, several of which will fail. Some I will have to do over or even discard. This new life will have the sweet creamy taste of the sugar and eggs, and the tart flavor of lemons. As I have said to many lately, I have always had the soul of a writer. Now I just need to discover my own voice.
Recipe for Meyer Lemon Chess Pie: