Oncoming Traffic

“They say the universe is expanding. That should help with the traffic.” ~Steven Wright

When I lived in big cities, much of my time was spent stuck in traffic.  An average drive to work was forty five minutes, but that suddenly changed if there was an accident or rain or snow or anything else that threw a big fat, ugly, nasty wrench into the crazy system.  I was an avid listener to traffic radio in order to keep me abreast of driving conditions. The DJ’s were my best friends, because I often spent more time with them than my family. Sometimes when traffic came to a crashing stop, I wondered what was going on? Usually it was nothing at all. As rapidly as the traffic stopped, it would instantly begin to move again. It’s a simple formula: there are just too many cars on the road for available streets and highways.

Traffic is not one of the things I miss about living in metropolitan areas. This small town girl never really got used to the clogs and the stress and the honking. Big city drivers have love affairs with their horns. Someone once told me that the definition of a millisecond in Chicago is that moment between when the light turns green and when the driver behind you honks. Drivers often do crazy things to pass the time while they wait for the traffic to clear. I once saw a man practicing his trumpet in his car.

When I moved back to my hometown, I soon grew to appreciate the time I saved on commutes. I no longer spent precious hours away from my children sitting in traffic. Nothing around here is more than a twenty five minute drive. No gapers blocks. No jammed expressways. No road rage. No cars backed up for miles, well...except for the line at Starbucks.

Now...if we could just doing something about all of the trains around here.