Where I Keep All My Yesterdays

I am a Midwestern girl. I was born in the center of this country. I spent my entire childhood and college years living in this town of soybeans, corn, and giant tractors. After completing my degree I lit out, promising never to return. But after four years in Texas and seven in the Chicago area, I headed back to the town that raised me. Now it has been twenty years since this scared and bruised young mother settled back into the arms of my hometown. I often tell people that Decatur saved my life. That is not entirely true. It was the people who embraced me, listened to me, held my hands, and guided me through one of the toughest times in my life.

Now I am going to spend the next thirty days writing love letters to this town and the area that surrounds it. There are some who believe we are all trapped here by some mysterious dome. Why don't we move? There are definitely prettier places in the world. You can find better restaurants and stores and art all over this country. Why do we stay? What people need to understand, though, is that most of us are here because we love it. We love the quirkiness, the stubborn optimism, the grandeur of the growing fields of life, and the people who inhabit it. This is our home. 

So...I will be telling stories, talking to special people in my life, and traveling a bit to share with you all the beauty of this town that many see in a negative light.

"Yeah, where I was born, where I was raised. Where I keep all my yesterdays...this is my town." ~Song recorded by Montgomery Gentry, lyrics and music by George Reed Nielsen and Jeffrey Steele