Yoga in the Park

Back in 1924 two sisters, the daughters of Robert Faries, gifted 153 acres to Decatur with the stipulation the voters form a park district on the property. This is how the Decatur Park District was created. 

Nelson Park grew from the formation of Lake Decatur back in the 20’s. Many people have sentimental memories of Joyland, the beach, Nelson golf course, and the Staley Club House. Most have either disappeared or reverted back to weeds, but today there is a resurgence down by the lake with improved docks, a new mini-golf course, and a major renovation of the area around The Beach House. Young people still flock to the Rock Garden for photo ops during homecoming and prom season. The WPA stone pavilion continues to stand watch over the lake. This grand structure has been witness to oodles of history. It has hosted rallies and demonstrations, races and family reunions. In fact, I saw Rosaline Carter speak there back in the summer of 1976 when she was stumping for her husband. I even shook her hand as she said, “Vote for my husband." As an idealistic young liberal feminist, that was a certainly a moment for me.

The pavilion today was a gentle, quiet retreat for the district’s Yoga in the Park. As the group went through our down dogs and warrior sequences, a family of ducks looked after us. A chipmunk scampered by while the birds’ chirping echoed throughout the beamed ceiling. Our instructor Chuck calmly led us with his steady voice. This was our meditation. This was our reflection. This was our peace.

Thanks you Faries sisters for your gift: our park.