A Confession

I have a confession to make. I love Facebook. Yes, I know I shouldn’t admit to such a base addiction, but it is the truth. All of the “cool kids” say that Facebook is stupid, lame, and so-last decade. Well, I am definitely not cool and I am old and I wave my geek banner proudly. I love to post. I love to read. I love to view. I love to even creep a bit. I love it for so many reasons. 

I love it for the inspirational sites I follow. The uplifting quotes and gorgeous and funny pictures keep me smiling when I need a push. And an occasional cat or baby video always gives me the giggles.

I love seeing what my former students are doing right now. They are all so grown up with kids and families and jobs and school. It is so marvelous to take a peek at their lives. 

I love the bravery of my young friends. They speak up for injustice, roar against the unfairness, and make a stand when others are afraid. I am so proud.

I love seeing the posts and pictures from my friends, especially those with young children. I am reliving those sweet days of motherhood through their Facebook “journaling."

I love it for the private threads where I keep connected with friends. It is like a virtual fence where we are all hanging out with coffee in hand, just gossiping and encouraging each other.

I love it for all of the connections I have made since I joined back in 2007. Seems like forever ago, right? Anyway, there a few friends out there who I would never have gotten to know or reconnected with if it wasn’t for this strange, quirky, world-wide platform.

If it wasn’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t have gotten to know Evelyn. We went to school together but weren’t friends back then. We traveled in different circles. We struck up this tentative relationship through posts and messages that eventually grew into a true friendship. We have even vacationed together a few times! She is my soul sister. Evelyn will forever be in my life because of Facebook.

If it wasn’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t have found Sue. Sue and I were sorority sisters back in college. We were friends although we weren’t necessarily that close. Through Facebook, we have discovered we are kindred spirits who enjoy the same books, food, loves, and parenting styles. Sue is a “sister” and a remarkable friend.

If it wasn’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t have located Beth. She and I were friends in junior high, though we grew apart in high school. Just recently I found her on Facebook and we quickly formed a bond. We have traveled similar roads in our adult life, especially those paths of heartache, divorce, and newfound love. She currently lives in a little beach town I know I will visit on one of my journeys.

If it wasn’t for Facebook, I would never have known Sandy. Sandy grew up in my hometown, but we graduated from different high schools. I was initially drawn to Sandy’s sweet posts about her beautiful children and grandchildren. Her words are so full of love and joy for these special people in her life. She is now fighting a formidable and heartbreaking battle that has zapped her energy but not her beauty.  Sandy is a dazzling soul full of grace, and I will forever be grateful for her Facebook friendship. 

Facebook can be a pain in the butt. The whiners complain constantly about life and lack of love. The haters post despicable comments that hurt with the pain of a thousand arrows. It’s full of trolls and monsters who throw words as though they are monkeys at the zoo hurling their feces. I choose to ignore, unfollow, and unfriend those ogres. I keep my fellow warriors close, though. They are the ones who show me the light and help me slay the dragons. I would like to think I do the same for them, too.

“Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.” ~Khalil Gibran