A Warrior Queen

I have a friend who is one of the most fearless women I know. She is as wild as a runaway mountain brushfire and as a brave as an Amazon warrior. The deep end of the pool has never frightened her. She attacks life with verve and swaggering courage. Her innate fierceness challenges all of us to not be scared, to not be self-conscious, to not be hesitant. If I was ever in imminent danger, I would want her by my side. She is my Katniss.

Right now she is on a vacation with two of her adult children exploring the Oregon and California coast. Not much planning went into this grand adventure, but what stories they will bring back. She is her children’s Pied Piper. They have seen old friends, sailed in a hot air balloon, toured wineries in Napa, driven for over seventeen hours in one day, walked the Golden Gate Bridge, and laughed and laughed until they passed out from exhaustion and bliss.

A few years ago she took her kids on what she called the “Live Like You Were Dying” vacation. She and a friend piled their children into a van and drove to Colorado to follow Tim McGraw’s advice. They went sky diving, Rocky Mountain climbing, and they even rode a bull name Fumanchu after she convinced a bouncer to let her underage kids into a bar so they could ride the mechanical bull there.

My friend has struggled with a serious illness most of her adult life. It has been painful, exhausting, and scary, yet she has tackled it with a daunting sense of intrepid fortitude. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, she roars with laughter as she retells her stories of all of her embarrassing public moments. You have to laugh and cry along with her. It is mandatory.

I have many fierce and fabulous women friends. They are warriors caring for aging parents, dealing with grief, coping with divorce, and launching new businesses. These women are badasses. I’ve always had an amazing circle of girlfriends ever since I little. They introduced me to Carole King and the secret life of boys. They taught me about love and loyalty and what it takes to be a phenomenal woman in this tough world. Everyone needs a circle of badass women in their lives. And my Sue is the baddest of the badasses!

(picture taken by Sue; stolen by me)

“Whether you’re throwing up or breaking up, you want your girlfriend right there! I don’t trust women who don’t go to their girlfriends.” ~ Drew Barrymore