For the Love of Pie

The other day as I pulled in my driveway, I noticed something different. While I was out running errands, this sign mysteriously showed up on my front porch chair.

I had no idea where it came from or who delivered it. Could it have been from someone who knows how much I love to bake pies? Someone who has tasted one of my pies? Someone who believes in the medicinal magic of pies? 

I snapped a picture and posted the question on Facebook. Who left this wonderful nugget for me? Later that evening I found out the identity of my little elf, a good friend of mine who is quite the accomplished carpenter. She saw this project on Pinterest and decided to make it for me out of some of her leftover wood. 

It wasn’t my birthday. I didn’t need cheering up. There was no special occasion to celebrate. It was just a kind gesture.

How marvelous that love can be spread in such a simple way.

The other day while grocery shopping, I noticed white peaches for sale in the produce department. White peaches! I have a friend who loves this sweet fruit, but I can never seem to find them. I snapped up a bag, and this morning gathered the ingredients to bake a white peach pie for Priscilla.

It isn’t her birthday. She doesn’t need cheering up. There is no special occasion to celebrate. I just want to extend my love to a friend.

After I deliver it this afternoon, I am hoping she will send her love on to another friend. Just a kind gesture to make someone in her life smile.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, pie does fix everything. It’s a scientific fact.

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” 
-Mother Teresa