Little Lessons

Pie and Other Earthly Delights

I have many things in my life that make me happy. Pie, of course, is near the top of the list. I love the entire process of pie from rolling out the dough to the splendid smell that fills the house. I bake old, familiar recipes but also experiment with the new. Some of these attempts have been successful; others have been epic fails.

Last Friday I tackled six mini pies. So cute. So dainty. I found these paper cups at Target that are bigger and shallower than standard cupcake papers, so I thought, “These would be perfect for mini pies!” I could make batches to give as gifts! What fun! So many exclamation points!

After making enough dough for a double pie crust, I switched into assembly mode with these little cuties.

I ended up making two cherry, two double crust apple, and two apple crumble. This is what they looked like before they went into the oven. Precious, huh?

And...this is what they looked like after fifty minutes of baking time.

Yup, it was a sticky mess. The double crusts and the cherry lattice stayed together, but the other three flowed all over the baking sheet. After they cooled, they were a little easier to handle. Three went to my nephew and his two college roommates and one went to my in-laws. The other two are still waiting for us to try. Hmmmm....

What did I learn here? First, paper cups are not strong enough to hold pie. I should use at least two or three layers for each pie to create a more solid pan. Second, the double crusts are better for mini pies. They look cuter and hold together better. Third, mini pies are labor intensive. Each little crust took a lot of manipulating. I guess it takes practice.

This post, like these pies, is short, sweet, and a bit sticky. All my endeavors won’t turn out perfect. Some even end up in the garbage, but it is the process, the journey, the lessons along the way I love. My writing and my baking are similar. Some of the steps are familiar; some are unrecognizable. I may achieve success. I may stumble. I may throw things away, but in the end these make me.....well, me. I am a gooey, glorious, delicious gob of flour and words.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson