Reflections from the MOTG

A wedding takes months of planning. There are details upon details to put together from the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses to the seating arrangements at the reception. As the mother of the groom, however, I escaped most of the decision making. My son’s fiancé, her mother, and her sister had it covered. There was also the cold hard fact I was over 2000 miles away from all of the lists that were being checked off day after day.

My jobs were different. Instead of deciding on the napkins, I coordinated the logistics of getting my family out to the West Coast. I rented a house through VROB in the Inner Sunset neighborhood that comfortably (well, three lanky men had to sleep on sofas and twin mattresses) slept all of us. My sister and I and my incredibly patient husband undertook the task of making sure our 80 year old mother made it safely through airport security and traveled cross country to attend her first grandson’s wedding. 

My main job was showing up, but this MOTG has a few reflections on the festivities:

  1. When your family is flying in from all points, there are bound to be complications. My youngest son (and the best man) missed his flight on Friday morning out of Dallas. After a panicked 4:00 AM phone call (and a few hundred dollars later), he was able to catch a later flight. Crisis averted.
  2. My nephew’s tux was sent to St. Louis instead of SF, so after some quick maneuvering, mom and son headed out early Saturday morning to pick it up from a local formal-ware establishment.
  3. Not anticipating SF traffic and the arrival of the Uber cab, our family was late for the rehearsal. Good thing they couldn’t begin without us. Many apologies were issued.
  4. A nervous and stressed MOTG should have had more food and water at the rehearsal dinner. Numerous glasses of white wine went down way too easy, and thankfully a considerate (and nonjudgmental) husband made sure dress was off and pj’s were on before the tipsy head hit the pillow.
  5. A panty hose disaster was averted by an accommodating Uber driver while grandmother of the groom ran into a CVS before the ceremony.
  6. We later learned the rings exchanged at the ceremony were just substitutes when the originals couldn’t be located. The wedding rings were thankfully later found. I told my DIL that now she has her own "wedding story."
  7. When dancing to “Shout”, I realized it was a completely different experience than when I was in a toga in the basement of the SAE house back in the late 70’s. “A little bit softer now” required help back up, and “A little bit louder now” brought unexpected pee. Ah, the life of a middle aged woman. 
  8. While my blue and silver sequined dress was a hit, people kept stepping on the train all night. After one man caught his foot on it for the third time he said, We’ve got to stop meeting like this."
  9. We could have rented three luxury cars for the price of all the Uber cabs we used, but who wants to deal with driving and parking on those narrow, steep streets? 
  10. I’m not as young as I used to be. When one lives three hours away from any major airport, a trip home requires hours of sitting in airports, flying in cramped planes, shuttling to and from off-site parking (oh, and we ended up on three different shuttles at 12:30 in the morning), and driving home in the middle of the night. Good thing I’m retired so I was able to nap for three hours on Monday and sleep over eleven last night. The brain is just now beginning to function again. 
  11. My baby is now a husband. A shift has occurred - not in the San Andreas fault where they live, but in my relationship with him. I’m still his mother, but he’s officially an adult. His life is now the two of them, this new little family they created with the exchange of vows last Saturday afternoon. I saw the way they looked at each other as they were declared husband and wife. It was a moment I will forever treasure.
  12. This entire weekend filled me with love. Most of my immediate family were able to attend. I had two precious friends from the Bay Area who were there and stood in for all my Midwest friends who couldn’t make the trek. My son’s new in-laws are gracious and kind. I even shook my ex’s hand and thanked him for everything. Life is good. Oh, and no more family weddings for a month or so, please. This old lady needs just a tiny break. Thanks.