Stories in Photographs

As the mother-of-the-groom, there isn’t much on the list of responsibilities. A wedding is traditionally planned and orchestrated by the bride and her family, but I have been doing my part. My jobs: Bought dress and shoes. Check. Booked flights. Check. Rented a house for the family. Check. Keep sending bossy and annoying reminder texts to siblings. Check. Check. Make sure everyone is showered, dressed, and on time for the events. Check and double check.

I have also been given the special task of creating a slide show for the rehearsal dinner. After gathering hundreds of photos from the bride’s mother, my son’s step-mother, and my own albums, I have spent hours downloading, arranging, and rearranging pictures of Christopher and Kaitlin through the years. I feel so blessed and honored to be the keeper of their history.

I see a little towheaded girl with a shy smile. I can hear her mother singing to her on the couch. I spot her father playing tea party with his daughters. She’s dressed as a princess. She’s a precious angel. She dances an Irish jig. She protects her siblings. She hugs her grandmother. As I sort through the photographs, I watch with wonder as this girl grows into a beautiful, strong woman.

I see a boy I know so well. He rides his bike. He plays with his brothers. He’s one of the oldest of all his cousins. I see his PaPa hold him. He cuddles with his grandmother. I get a glimpse of his life when he was up with his dad. I spy cereal and PJ's and vacations and Halloween costumes. As I organize these photographs, I gaze with pride as this boy grows into a handsome, brave man.

This weekend there will be more pictures: a professional photographer capturing special moments, friends and family sharing smiles on Instagram and Facebook. There will be funny and touching tales with each flash and every smile. This is the beginning: a brand new album, just part of the story that remains untold where happily ever after is the wish and prayer of all who witness their love.

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” Eudora Welty

“True love stories never have endings.” Richard Bach