That “B” Known as Mother Nature

I’m pulling a J.K. Rowling today; I decided to move my writing desk to a local coffee house and confront my demons with words. (Well, my coffee house is more of a national bread chain, but whatever.) My Lord Voldemort is not a power hungry wizard, but instead, that destructive creature known as Mother Nature. She pulled a fast one on us yesterday, and we’re still dealing with the aftereffects. Our heater and water heater are off while the drying off process continues, so instead of hiding upstairs with our overworked space heater, I’m spending a few hours here with the warm brew and the chattering pods of senior citizens.

That Mother Nature….what a psychopath. There are times she is gracious, like when the pink spring flowers peak through the soil. I adore her on those sunny days. I give thanks to all she offers. I sing her songs and praise her dazzling work. But oh….when storms fly, snow piles up, and water rises, I cuss that bitch. How dare she wreak such havoc on us. Doesn’t she realize the destruction she causes? What’s her freaking problem?

We humans think we have power over Mother Nature. We build dams. We construct earthquake proof buildings. We buy sump pumps and generators and snow blowers. We know where to go in a tornado. We are warned about flooded roads. How silly we are. If Mother Nature wants to cause chaos and calamity with one swoop of her all-powerful hand, it will happen. We just have to duck, clean up the debris, and hope our homeowners insurance is up to date.

And me? Yesterday, lulled by the sound of pumping water, I camped out in front on the fire with my old knitting needles and a twisted ball of yarn, reviewing my knit one, pearl two. Today, we dry off. Tomorrow, we begin to clean. Mother Nature teaches us patience while she slaps us upside our heads. She may be a malevolent bitch, but she can be also be a compassionate fairy princess. I can relate.

“People need to be cautious because anything built by man can be destroyed by Mother Nature.” - Russel Honere