A Love-Hate Relationship You’ll Love-Hate

A Guest Post by Glenda Etnier, a fierce mother, daughter, & love warrior

Of all the relationships we experience in a lifetime the one with the most possible significance is the one we have with our mom.  Allow me to define the word mom here “loosely” as birth-mom, adopted-mom, step-mom, mom-in-law, grand-mom, auntie-mom, dad-mom, sister-mom, and one last one for a laugh (or not), bad-mom.  Feel free to apply your own characterization. We are all in this one together. Hereinafter, for practicality “mom” will be applied.

For clarity this is my personal, condensed definition of a mom. It summarizes my experience.  MOM – the woman who carried me in her body for 9 months, brought me into this world, cared for me night and day since that time, loves me more than anything else in this world, will always have my back and is the best friend I’ll ever have.

I love that my mom carried me in her body. It was my first dwelling place and helps me resonate when someone or something just “feels” right to me!  I hate that my mom carried me in her body. It was never the same. Shapes change, no pun intended!

I love that my mom delivered me straight thru her V-canal (or belly) into this world. I hate that this was an indicator for my mom that she would encounter many painful experiences in this relationship.

I love that my mom has never stopped caring about me, day and night. I hate that my mom caring like this can be her biggest high or her lowest low.

I love that my mom loves me more than anything in this world. I hate that my mom sometimes has a love affair with me even when I am unlovable.

I love that my mom will always have my back. I hate that sometimes in this position my mom takes the knife.

I love that my mom is my best friend. I hate that my mom had to wait so long for me to realize this.

So much gratitude for my “bless-ed mother!” Divinely inspiring, timeless and filled with grace. My mom has taught me how to love; by word and action. My mom has taught me how to hate; by word and action. My mom has taught me that both are a choice. My mom has clarified for me that one of these two actions is the motive in making my decisions. My mom has helped me understand that these two sit on opposite sides of the fence as opponents. My mom has shown me that the one I choose the most is the one I’ll be most like.  My mom has simplified that it is okay to change my mind. These are a few reasons I describe this as a love-hate relationship you’ll love-hate.

Gleny and her mom

Gleny and her mom

Glenda Etnier dares to live greatly. She embraces the world with incredible energy and deep love. She is wise and wonderful, and I am proud to call her my friend.